To Install Solar Panels or Not: That Is The Question

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May 26, 2016
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To Install Solar Panels or Not: That Is The Question

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Many homeowners in Orange County are switching to solar power, thanks to the dependable products and services from Solar 360. Our company delivers high-quality solar panels that have helped homeowners save a lot of money and enjoy an infinite and reliable power supply. So, how good is it to invest in solar power? Here is a guide to help you understand more.

Why switch to solar power?

Other than capturing free sunlight in abundance and convert it into energy to use in homes, solar power is beneficial in many ways. Some of the reasons to switch to solar power include the following;

• It is more affordable than ever before. Many companies have dropped the costs of their modules between 2011 and now. For instance, it cost about $1.31 a watt back in 2011. This fell to 50 cents a watt by 2014.

• Local and federal subsidies reduced the cost. The cost of solar power was reduced by about 30%, courtesy of the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit. That means that a system that cost around $25,000 has been cut to about $17,500.

• It is more available to homeowners. Many Orange County residents are enjoying the new leasing plans and solar loans.

Solar 360 offers numerous payment plans and financing options. We fully install the system in your home carefully and correctly. We also offer system installation with no down payment. We go over all of our financing options with you in great detail to make sure you are getting the system you want for a price you can afford. That’s the Solar 360 way.

How much will you save with the solar energy system?

The solar system comes with two options; it can be used solely, which then eliminates the electric bills entirely, or it could be installed along with electricity. When used along with the electricity, it can help you save around 10% to 50% of your utility bills. The solar systems from Solar 360 cost around $10,000, after the tax credit. The price will vary, of course, based on the specifics of the job and which solar panels you choose. On average, you will end up saving between $100 and $200 a month. Orange County is among the best place for solar energy as residents are benefiting from their solar power systems thanks in large part to the abundance of sun in the area. That is why many homeowners around the area are investing in solar energy.

What are the options when considering installing solar panels?

If you decide to invest in solar energy in your home, you will want to consult with our solar energy experts to ensure you get the right panel that is suitable for your home. Here are some financing options for the solar system in your home.

• Loan or purchase the system directly. With the availability of solar loans, you can get the system installed without spending a large amount of money. Alternatively, you can purchase the system outright and avoid paying interest on your loan. Either way, you will end up saving between 40% and 60% of your electricity bills.

• Leasing. You can also choose to lease the system, whereby, you are charged a monthly fee for using the solar energy system. This still allows you to enjoy fewer energy bills by up to 20%.

• Through PPA. Another option is the Power Purchase Agreement, which requires that you pay for the electricity you use in the house. With this option, you will not be the owner of the system, but you will also not have to make a down payment.

At Solar 360, you can access the solar system via various options. The solar modules are also high-quality and sure to deliver dependable power. You can also get a free quote to know exactly how much you need to purchase and install the system in your home.