Heating Your Pool With Solar Energy

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June 2, 2016
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Heating Your Pool With Solar Energy

solar heated pool

You can reduce your swimming pool heating cost significantly by installing solar pool heaters. They are cost effective compared to heat and gas pump pool heaters and their annual operating cost is very low. In fact today, solar pol heating system is most cost effective use of solar energy in most climates as the entire process simply involves the use of the sun to warm pool water which is circulated through collectors then back to the pool. However, the success of heating a pool using solar energy depends on the how much sun an area gets, the solar pool water heating method chosen and the size of the pool.

How a solar pool heating system works

The pool water that passes through the pool filters is diverted and made to pass through solar collectors then it returns to the pool.

The solar collectors are black, therefore, they absorb solar energy which is transferred to the pool water passing through them hence heating it up. The existing pool filter pump is also used to pump the pool water so that it circulates through the solar collectors and back to the pool. A valve that is operated either electronically or manually diverts the water from or to the solar collectors.

Depending on the location of the swimming pool, whether indoors or outdoors as well as the climate in the area, the solar pool heating system will require the right solar collector where water flows through to get heated then back to the swimming pool.

Types of solar collectors

Solar pool collectors are made of different materials to cater for different pool sizes and climatic conditions.

  • Unglazed collectors

If you will be using the solar pool heating system when the temperatures are above freezing, you will need unglazed collectors. These collectors are not glazed, that is, they do not include glass covering. They are made using plastic treated with UV light or heavy duty rubber to extend their lifespan an increase efficiency. Because of their simpler design and inexpensive materials, unglazed collectors are less costly compared to glazed collectors.

  • Glazed collectors

Glazed collectors are made from copper tubing on aluminum plate and they have iron tempered glass covering which explains why they are more expensive. During cold weather, glazed collectors absorb sunlight more effectively than unglazed collectors. This means they can be used throughout the year in different climates.

During summer peak, running the solar system at night helps to cools the pool water lowering the temperature by several degrees.

Some systems have valves and sensors that automatically send water to the collector when it is hot. The water and collector temperatures are the same, the water is not sent through the collector.

The cost to install a solar pool heater

The cost of solar pool heaters vary depending on the location, pool size and the desired temperature. Due to these variables, it is impossible to give the exact cost of a solar pool heating cost but it often ranges between $3500-$8000 with the average cost being around $5,000.