Guess Which City is Working Towards Using 100% Renewable Energy

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Guess Which City is Working Towards Using 100% Renewable Energy


Utah has been experiencing reduced snow-pack, variation in the water system and severe weather conditions because it has been warming at twice the worldwide average in the recent decades. To tackle the global warming issue, Mayor of the Salt Lake City Jackie Biskupski and other city authorities decided to transform the city to 100 percent renewable energy sources such as the wind and solar. The project which is to be in full effect by 2032 is aimed to reduce Utah’s carbon trail by astonishing 80 percent by the year 2040. Dubbed The Climate Positive SLC, the project’s commitment is a courageous step in an extraordinarily conservative state which has very few renewable energy motivations.

Biskupski assured the citizens that they would be able to deal with the climate change challenge and provide clean energy solutions that will concurrently improve the quality of air, safeguard public health and create job opportunities for the locals through the project. She further boasted that controlling climate change is a responsibility they will share not only among themselves but also with future generations.

The Climate Positive SLC obligation makes a combined resolution suggested by the mayor. Earlier this summer, it was accepted by the city council. The declaration recognizes the scientific agreements that the primary cause of the experienced climate change is the carbon pollution coming from electric generators. In a bid to diminish the harmful effects, the mayor had earlier announced the renewable energy would facilitate all work done by the state. The scope has however expanded now to a broad scale since it includes all electricity in the city.

To help counteract and decrease emissions and the cost of energy, the city is buying 3 megawatts of solar power. The Subscriber Solar program will facilitate the purchasing of the solar equipment. The program generates solar power from a massive solar farm which lies two hours drive south of Salt Lake City. Rocky Mountain Power which permits clients to buy energy at a fixed rate is the supplier of the Subscriber Solar power. Rocky Mountain Power usually locks-in expenses for up to 20 years.

The mayor believes that the initiative represents the most determined step Salt Lake City has ever taken in a bid to combat the threat of climate change. She asserts that the obligation to tackle climate change puts them among the list of top communities in the world to recognize the need for reducing carbon emissions and create a new path forward that safeguards societies, economies and human well-being.

Salt Lake City through the renewable energy initiative will join the small but increasing number of cities in the United States which have pledged to 100 percent renewable energy. The city of Aspen, CO overtook Georgetown, TX last December to become the third city in the country to be powered by clean energy sources. Size does not matter when it comes to renewable energy. Supplying the 321,000 population of Salt Lake City with renewable energy might look impossible but not after considering San Diego with a population of 1.4 million which is the biggest city to plan 100 percent transition to renewable. San Francisco is also taking some positive steps towards the use of clean energy sources by declaring that all newly built buildings should have solar panels.

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