Harnessing the Solar Energy From This One Area Could Power The Entire World

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September 28, 2016
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Harnessing the Solar Energy From This One Area Could Power The Entire World

The growing need for energy in the world has come to its peak. Fossil fuels are getting depleted day by day. In this epoch of peak oil (the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction), what comes before us is the eventual end of natural energy resources.  Recent research shows ample proof of our high consumption and goes on to further explain that our consumption has peaked at thrice the input.

Today, nearly very human activity threatens our natural resources as the consumption of energy increases and continues depleting the fossil fuels at an incredibly rapid pace. We are in a dilemma, but we don’t know how long these resources will last. We have to find a solution quickly that will help us to find a renewable energy source The first and foremost form of energy that comes to mind is solar energy which is abundant in nature and is free.

Scientists believe that if we were able to put solar panels across the entire 3.6 million square miles of the Sahara Desert that we could create enough solar energy to power the entire world. The Sahara receives close to twelve hours of direct sunlight each day. The cost of this project would be roughly 5 trillion dollars or about ¼ of the U.S. national debt. This may sound a bit outlandish to some, but consider what we would be saving in the long run.

Solar power is becoming more and more a part of mainstream conversations on energy conservation and financial savings. Here are some of the other advantages of solar energy. Solar energy can generate about 200,000 times the world?s total daily requirement electricity generation. Solar rays have immense power generating capacity which we should exploit in the right way to satisfy our urgent need of an alternative energy source.

Using solar energy, we can integrate the building and application of solar panels, solar cells, solar updraft towers and solar chimneys. You have seen various ways of harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity for cooking, heating water and for agriculture and horticulture needs. We can tap the energy of the sun to heat cook, cool and ventilate. We have shown you how even solar vehicles have shown how rewarding this energy form is.

The biggest out of all solar energy advantages enlisted is that it does not cause any form of pollution, compared to what the fossil fuels produce. With the global warming rate increasing, these days, we can rely on solar power and tap this energy. There is no form of smoke or greenhouse gas emission here.

Solar energy is highly cost effective. This is the most economic form of energy. The cost of solar panels, solar cells, and photovoltaic cells have all benefited from the research over the years,  both with regard to their quality and price structure, thus rendering solar energy to become one of the most economical sources of energy. In using this there will be a one-time investment at the time of installation. The maintenance is very simple as well. So as far as the sun is shining you can tap into it.

Solar energy, compared to other sources of energy such as geothermal, wind and water energy, is readily available does not depend upon the location. It is available even during cloudy days or during winter.

As fossil fuels are depleted today, we have no time to wait and watch. Resorting to renewable sources of energy is the immediate need. The best way to deal with the energy crisis is to make use of the many solar energy advantages.

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Image courtesy of Nick Blackmer. flickr.com creative commons