This Celebrity Just Donated Solar Panels to Standing Rock

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This Celebrity Just Donated Solar Panels to Standing Rock

The Standing Rock Sioux encampment, set up to stop the construction of the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, just received solar panels on trailers thanks to actor Mark Ruffalo and Wahleah Johns, Native Renewables funder.

As cold weather begin to set in for Native Americans facing off with oil companies in North Dakota, these solar panel trailers will provide clean energy which will be used to power the medical tents among other facilities for the Indigenous tribe protestors and their allies at the camp.

EcoWatch reported that Mark Ruffalo and Wahleah Johns have touted the necessity of switching to renewable energy due to the drastic climate change. The trailers are a symbol of equitable, healthy and a prosperous energy future that will be made possible by clean energy.
Mark Ruffalo emphasized that it is the right of the Native American to protect their land against predatory fossil fuel companies.

“In the world, over 80% of lands and forests with rich biodiversity and protected waterways are held by the indigenous tribes. This is no coincidence as most of us suffer from polluted air, land, and water in the rural and urban communities. The water defenders at Standing Rock are showing us another way,” Ruffalo Stated.

Ruffalo was also quick to note that he was merely trying to be of service and help put a spotlight on the Dakota Access protest. He also stated that Wahleah Johns was mainly responsible for the delivery.

Johns’ company, Native Renewable provides low-cost renewable energy and green energy jobs for indigenous communities. The solar trailers are built by Navajo nation and financed by Give Power and Empowered by Light.

“Water is life,” Johns, a leader of Navajo nation said. “By leading an energy transition powered by the sun, water, and wind we are creating a better future for all people and the generations to come.”

According to Ruffalo, Dakota Access pipeline is like a black snake traversing four states with fracked Bakken oil which will eventually pollute the land and water.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a $3.7 billion project that will carry highly toxic tar sands oils through four states; North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois after which it will be transported to the ports of the Gulf of Mexico by train. This project will change the landscape of crude oil supply in the U.S but its route will also destroy the indigenous communities in North Dakota
The standing Rock Sioux tribe leaders say they were not consulted during the planning stage of Dakota Access pipeline and it will endanger water to their communities and to other millions of people who source their water from Missouri river.

“The construction of the pipeline has already marred our sacred land including prayer sites burial sites and significant artifacts.” The standing Rock Sioux tribe said.

Allies of the standing Rock Sioux including people in the US and around the world all share the same view. That the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline as a threat to both of the basic human rights to clean water as well as the tribe’s cultural heritage.

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