Is Digital Glass the Future of Solar Energy?

solar energy
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January 27, 2017
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Is Digital Glass the Future of Solar Energy?

digital glass

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Unless you’ve been living on Mars recently, you understand how incredibly fast the alternative energy movement has taken off. More and more companies are making the switch to solar as are those who own homes in areas where sunlight is plentiful and energy incentives are offered. We’ve even seen areas in places like Alaska make the switch, although they tend to focus more on solar energy storage due to the reduced number of hours of sunlight. Never-the-less, solar energy is all the rage in the alternative energy world and it seems every day someone is coming up with new and better solar technology that makes the harnessing of the sun’s energy easier and more affordable.

By now, everyone understands the basic concept of solar energy, right? Solar panels are placed in places that receive a large amount of sunlight, they capture the sunlight and convert it to energy that is then used throughout homes and businesses. While that is a highly simplistic explanation, it covers the basics.

Scientists recently developed a new “solar panel” of sorts called Digital Glass, and it’s pretty incredible. The concept behind digital glass is to allow the sunlight for solar thermal energy applications to be digitally controlled. It’s creators used 3D printing technology to develop the digital glass concept. Within each thin layer of glass lies a series of tiny vessels that work to disseminate a substance known as optical fluid. This fluid works in conjunction with mirrors that are embedded into the glass and renders them visible or invisible so that the sunlight can then be redirected towards the solar receivers.

Imagine the incredibly sophisticated technology that is used to simply convert sunlight into usable energy. No longer are we limited to traditional solar panels. But don’t go asking for digital glass when you call us here at Solar 360. The technology is still being perfected and is it will be some time before it is ready to be mass produced and used as readily as solar panels are today.

The developers of digital glass, Giant Leap Solar, is keeping their eye out for investors wishing to get in on the action and make their mark in the alternative energy history books. They are hoping to be able to collect at least $500,000 in the near future to help with their expenses in research and development.

Never before has this type of technology been used to not only harness the sun’s energy but manipulate it in such a way as to be able to create an alternative energy source that will end up costing users less in the long run. Digital glass, like other forms of alternative energy, is also a cleaner energy option and in turn is more beneficial for the environment.  Keep an eye out for digital glass in the very near future. Who knows, we just may be installing it for you!

If you are wanting to slash your bills by at least 50 percent, give Solar 360 a call. We’ll answer all of your questions and get you started down the road to solar power freedom.