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Why Solar

Are you ready to go solar?

Save money. Protect the planet. Gain energy independence.

Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly expenses, take care of the environment, or reduce your reliance on the utility grid, investing in solar energy for your home is a bright idea.

When you switch to solar, you will...

After switching to solar, you will receive a dramatic reduction in your monthly electric bill. For many homeowners, their electric utility bill drops below $10 per month. Best of all, you’ll enjoy these savings for the life of your solar energy system, guaranteed for 25 years.
With solar, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, creating a cleaner, healthier planet. For a typical household, going solar eliminates three to four tons of carbon emissions each year. This is the equivalent of you and your family planting 100+ trees yearly!
As electric vehicles become more common, the demand—and price—for electricity will continue to increase. By generating your own electricity, you can manage these costs much more effectively.
Power outages due to weather, fires, human error, or overload are unavoidable. With your own solar energy system, you’ll always have power for your essential items during the day. And when you add a battery backup system, you’ll have power even when the sun’s not shining.
When you take advantage of current rebates and tax incentives, your solar energy system could pay for itself in as little as 4-5 years. You’ll also see an immediate reduction in usage, which means savings on your monthly electric bill.

Solar 360

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When you choose Solar 360, you get…

Since we don’t use subcontractors, you’ll work with Solar 360 team members at every stage of the process. You will get a dedicated project manager along with our in-house design and installation teams.
We’ll use our extensive experience in roofing and solar installation to create an efficient, high-quality design for your project and get it installed fast—usually within 4-6 weeks. We only use Tier 1 solar and battery storage equipment, so you’ll get the best system for your needs.
Whether you want to purchase your system upfront or choose from a variety of financing options, you can expect the best price possible on all our products, installation, and service.
You’ll never have to wonder if your system is working properly with our standard monitoring system. If there’s a problem, we’ll be able to fix it right away.
You can count on your solar energy system for years to come. If there’s a problem, we’ve got you covered.

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