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The 5 Best Ways to Lower Summer Energy Bills

It is common to have relatively high energy bills in the summers, but this problem is growing worse with the increasing prices of the electricity and other utilities. This calls for some preventive measures to lower the summer energy bills just by making a few smart changes in the way you use electricity. Here are the five most effective way to lower to energy bill during the summers.

Check for Power Draining Devices: In our modern day houses we have plenty of gadgets that may be secretly sucking electricity even while they are not in use. Classic examples are entertainment systems or TVs in stand-by mode, Gadgets with clocks on them which are obvious using electricity all the time, and phone and other gadget chargers. If we unplug them when not in use, this could effectively show a drop in the amount you pay on energy bills. Ideally each gadget’s power source should be turn off if it has a power switch or unplug it completely if it doesn’t.

Thermostats: These devices are seriously underrated as people don’t really understand that, apart from controlling and scheduling the temperature control, these device are highly capable of saving power for you. If needed people can approach customer service to learn about ways to save up to 10% of their annual energy bills. If you already have one you must surely look into the options of power saving found on this incredible device.

Washing Machines and Dish Washers: Both these devices perform multiple tasks of washing, rinsing, drying, etc. and since they are working for long periods of time it is wise to make some changes to the way we use these machines. For washing machines, it is best to wash the clothes with cold water. It extends the life of the clothes and even saves energy that would normally be used for washing them in warm water. In the case of dishwashers there is a feature for drying the utensils after washing them. This can be voluntarily skipped, the plates can be wiped by hand or they can be left to air dry.

Using The Air Conditioning Conservatively: Every now and then people like to lower the temperature of their air conditioners to the minimum just to cool down the house quickly. What you need to understand is that doing this will cause the device to use a lot of power and the cooling achieved is also a lot more than necessary. If you keep the temperature at decent and comfortable point it can cut down the cost of the energy bills greatly.

Make the Switch to Solar Energy: Though it may seem like a costly option due to all that we have heard about the technology, Solar Energy is a one-time investment and doesn’t need much maintenance. If your house has a solar heating system it can save you 50 dollars every month which comes up to $600 annually. Moreover, if you invest in a PV system it can supply you with usable power, which will cut out your energy bill completely or at least make it minimal. Further, the money spent on your solar power systems will not only supply you energy for free, but will also increase the value of your house. Some states offer discounts and other benefits to residents to invest in solar power as well. This is an energy conservation option that is also excellent for our environment. Be sure to contact Solar 360 to learn more about your solar energy options.