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California Offers Tax Credits and Other Incentives for Those Who Choose Solar

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California is the leading state in producing solar power energy by applying great incentives, favorable laws, rebates and tax credits for their residents. With that, the Federal government provides a 30% tax credit for those who install solar energy systems in their homes. It is a huge incentive provided in order to encourage people to take advantage of such a money-saving government program. You can also consult with our experts at Solar 360 to learn about the extra benefits of using solar energy in your home.

High Standards of California Renewable Portfolio

California ranks at the top of the list when it comes to RPS or Renewable Portfolio Standards. It is a regulation which forces utilities to generate more energy from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, etc. The utilities are required to meet the standard by increasing the production of renewable energy or purchase it from the customers. If they do not meet the standards, then they have to pay high price penalties instituted by the California state government. The California Renewable Portfolio Standards Mandate makes it compulsory to generate 50% energy from renewable sources by 2030.

Electric Rates of California State

The rates of California State electricity rank 9th in the U.S. It makes perfect sense to invest money in installing solar energy panels rather giving more money to the government for future electric production. It creates a feasible opportunity for homeowners to install solar panels in their homes and save themselves from high-priced electricity. This, along with the more favorable effect on the environment, are the main reasons so many customers are attracted to the idea of installing solar systems for their homes and businesses.

Net Metering by California State

The laws of California net metering are excellent. In the process of net metering, the solar panels are connected to the public power utility grid and extra power generated by customers through solar panels is then transferred into the grid. When you are generating the power from solar energy panels, then it will automatically reduce the consumption of energy from the public utility power grid. If you are producing extra power through your solar energy panels, then you are going to get a deduction in your monthly bill which will be credited in the upcoming month’s bill.

Energy Rebates by California State

The state of California is doing what it can to help more citizens make the switch to solar. The energy rebate program is just one step they take to help ease the initial cost of making the switch. The rebates system has been handled by California Solar Initiative (CSI) to reduce the cost of installing solar panels in American homes. You can get the lump sum offer or you can reduce the bill of installed solar panels through this rebate. To learn more, give our experienced staff at Solar 360 a call and we’ll explain the process to you.

If you are wanting to slash your bills by at least 50 percent, give Solar 360 a call. We’ll answer all of your questions and get you started down the road to solar power freedom.