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Tesla’s Solar Roof is Incredible!

A lot is happening in the field of electric vehicles, solar energy and ride-sharing industry with the merger of Tesla Motors and Solar-City.

Tesla is working toward an integration of its electric vehicle and solar panels in order to reduce carbon processing. The new thing that seems to be turning heads is the Tesla’s solar roof; this is a huge step that is part of Tesla’s big plan of a totally clean energy world.

Tesla’s solar roof is to be launched publicly in the last weeks of October, Tesla Motors aims to change the future of Energy by making these making BIPV (photovoltaics) roofing panels.

Building Applied PV in comparison to Building Integrated PV

BIPV or Building Integrated photovoltaic concept has been gaining a lot of attention in the field of green buildings and sustainable roofing in the past few months.

BIPV is the use of PV in place of material that is otherwise used to create the outer shell of the building. This is different from the older solar installation on rooftops in which the PV module was separately attached to the building (almost like an after thought). BIPV makes the installation a part of the construction of the project in contrast to it being added later separately. This will not only reduce installation and labor cost but also save time.

In a BAPV process is more commonly used and in this solar is retroactively made part of the building. Tesla is using the BIPV concept and calling it the future of green energy solutions.

Latest news of Tesla’s solar roof

Pre-orders for the solar roofing tiles have been are pouring in from May 2017 itself. The Tesla website mentions that the initial test installations have been completed and are being studied. Also that, the installation for customers will begin soon and be speeded up in the late part of 2017. Those who are on top of the waiting list can even expect the roofs to be installed in the next few weeks. Though the product will be available publicly that too nationwide only by the middle of 2018. Tesla’s solar roofs are estimated to cost around $21.85 for each square foot.  

The Chairman of SolarCity, Elon Musk mentioned that the installation would be taken care of by SolarCity (the new addition to the Tesla Group). Also that another more standard solar product, the Panasonic black solar panel- is also getting into manufacturing at the Tesla centers in 2017 itself.

What is expected with the new roofing?

Most people in Tesla agree that solar installation must be technically improved and made aesthetically appealing. Also, that solar solutions must be made part of the house remodel instead of an after thought that is installed as a separate module.

These roofing tiles will bring solar energy into the mainstream and make it far more visually appealing. These much-awaited solar panels are designed to make the house look better and will be contrastingly different from the old school hefty panels. A person looking at the building will have to be told that the building solar enables since it will be seamlessly part of the building design.  

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