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Solar Energy Fun for Kids

Parents, are you sick and tired of hearing the words, “I’m bored” from your children? The bad news is it’s only July. That means that summer break is essentially only half over. The good news is that today we have taken a break from our traditional solar energy content to bring you a few fun and educational projects that you can do with your children to teach them about how amazing solar energy really is!

Solar energy is fun. This source of natural energy is not just extremely beneficial for mankind, as it comes as an inexpensive replacement for fossil fuels, and it’s also extremely fun for kids to learn about and discover. The next generation can now learn the benefits of solar energy and can discover new, creative ways of harnessing it by simply experimenting with it.

Kids can now “play with the sun” and have the time of their lives with these 7 unique ideas for the best solar energy experience ever.

1. Build a Solar Oven

This project requires very little equipment and is quite easy to do, despite its perceived complexity. Being extremely popular in summer camps, building a solar oven is a project every kid should try at least once. Here’s how to easily build a solar oven.

2. Fry an Egg

This experiment does not require a lot of preparation and is also extremely fun for kids of all ages. Best of all, you can perform it anywhere around the house or in a remote location. The process is simple: find a surface that has at least 158 degrees Fahrenheit (this is the normal sidewalk temperature in the hottest summer days at 4 pm), place a piece of tin foil or metal in direct sunlight for at least one hour and then simply put the egg on the surface. In around 10 minutes you will have a delicious fried egg.

A word of caution here: make sure no one touches the foil. It could cause serious damage to the hands or feet, especially if it’s heated at over 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Design your Own Lightbox

You can try this solar energy experiment to teach children about light refraction and shadows. Here’s the complete process of creating a lightbox.

4. Build a Solar Light

You can now amaze your kids by creating beautiful mason jar solar lights. Simply take a few wide mouth jars and grab a few solar path lights. Take the solar path lights apart, remove the paper strip and place them into the light for a full day. At night, fit them into the mason jar and place them around your house. Your kids will love it and you will look like a solar energy genius! (Bonus!)

5. Build a Solar Powered Car

Who doesn’t love cars, right? Building your own solar powered car could spell a great time with the young ones in your life. All you need is a small solar panel used in science kits and you can literally amaze your children with your mad solar energy skills. Here is a step-by-step process on how to build a beautiful solar powered car and teach your kiddos some physics in the process. Shhhh….don’t tell them they’re learning!

6. Melt some Crayons

This experiment is lots of fun, and it’s also very simple. There are several methods you can use to melt crayons under the sun. This is the most innovative method we have found.

7. Build a Solar Desalination Station

This project may be better suited for older kids due to the fact that it is a little more complicated than the others. Nevertheless, it could be a total hit with your kids. Here’s how to do it.

Solar 360 is proud to help teach you and your kids a little more about something we are so passionate about: solar energy. These projects are entertaining, educational, and will create memories your kids will never forget. If you are considering choosing solar energy for your home or business or would simply like more information on solar energy, please feel free to contact Solar 360. We’d love to talk with you.